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Print Anthologies

Here are a few of the latest print anthologies in which my short stories have appeared. All are available through

The Big Book Of Orgasms
Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Cleis Press, October 2013

 This climactic collection serves up 69 top erotica writers serving up steamy scenarios all focused on The Big O. Includes my short story "The Morning After" on page 126.

Hard Working Men
Edited by Shane Allison
Cleis Press, September 2010

In the world of Hard Working Men, hats aren't the only things that are hard. Includes my short story "Unfinished Business" on page 60.

Blood Lust
Edited by M. Christian and Todd Gregory
Alyson Books, August 2005

This collection presents an array of stories that celebrate the sexy, forbidden side of the children of the night! Includes my short story "Bring Me The Disco King" on page 67.

Redsine Ten
Edited by Trent Jamison and Gary Nurrish
Prime Books, 2002

Australia's "dead cert for quality speculative, fantasy, and horror fiction," according to Lisa DuMond, Includes my short story "Grave Desire" on page 104.


Articles which have appeared in various publications over the years.

An interview with Greg the Bunny creator Dan Milano.

Red Magazine, November 2006. PDF

An interview with the cast of Reno 911.

Red Magazine, February 2007. PDF

An old article about one of my idols, animation legend Don Bluth.

Video News, August 1990. PDF

An interview with provocateur  James St. James.

Red Magazine, May 2007, PDF

An article on the 2003 Faerieworlds Festival, held in Sedona, AZ.

Platime, September 2003

An article on the 1996 Nude Olympics in Arizona.

Playtime, May 1996, PDF

Travel article about the City of Rocks in New Mexico.

Las Cruces Sun-News, November 2010, PDF

An interview with Cupid. Yes, that Cupid.

Red Magazine, February 2008, PDF

An entry on the various incarnations of Jesus, from my column Touchy Subject.

N Touch Magazine, November 2006, PDF

Interviews with the stars of Beverly Hills Cop III, Eddie Murphy and Judge Reinhold.

Video Viewer, November 1994. PDF

An entry on the need for new ratings in film, from my column The Cinefile.

Video News, January 1991, PDF

Travel article about the Ben Lily Memorial in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico.

Las Cruces Sun-News, October 2010, PDF

An interview with the screenwriter of Secretary, Erin Cressida Wilson.

Impulse, Spring 2002. PDF

Travel article about Sitting Bull Falls in New Mexico.

Las Cruces Sun-News, October 2010, PDF

Interviews with three generations of Star Trek: George Takei, James Doohan, Michael Dorn and Terry Ferrell.

Video Viewer, September 1993. PDF

An entry on personal identity chips, from my column Touchy Subject.

N Touch Magazine, October 2007, PDF

Business article about job incentives for New Mexico filmmakers.

Las Cruces Bulletin, March 22,  2013. PDF

Interview with multi-instrumentalist Randy Granger.

Las Cruces Bulletin, November 30,  2012. PDF

Business article about the state of independent film in New Mexico.

Las Cruces Bulletin, March 1,  2013. PDF

Preview article on LCCT's production of The Mousetrap.

Las Cruces Bulletin, January 25,  2013. PDF

Award-winning article on independent student feature Buffalo.

Las Cruces Bulletin, May 2,  2014. PDF

Bulletin trifecta! Three articles on the first page of the business section.

Las Cruces Bulletin, October 4,  2013. PDF

Review of Project In Motion's adaptation of Midsummer Night's Dream.

Las Cruces Bulletin, March 15,  2013. PDF

Business article on the return of restauranteur Lorenzo Liberto.

Las Cruces Bulletin, February 1,  2013. PDF

An article on the great tradition of summer Barbecues.

Impulse, July 2002. PDF

An interview with Morgan J. Freeman, director of American Psycho 2.

Impulse, Sept 2002. PDF

Article on the pilot for a proposed series called When Zombies Attack!!!.

Impulse, October 2002. PDF

A brief interview with Anna Nicole Smith.

Video Business, September 1994. PDF

Interviews with Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken.

Video Business, April 1996. PDF

Interviews with the actors of Star Trek: Insurrection.

Video Viewer, May 1999. PDF

An interview with Monika Treut for Didn't Do It For Love.

Playtime, May 1999. PDF

Review of Troma release Killer Condom.

Playtime, June 1999. PDF


Article on the state of Queer music at the beginning of the century.

Red, September 2006. PDF


An article about our tour of the MImbres Valley for film purposes.

Las Cruces Bulletin, November 7, 2014. PDF


An article about the strange creatures haunting southern New Mexico.

Neighbors, Sep/Oct 2020. PDF


How to make a Thanksgiving Tree in order to give thanks properly.

Neighbors, Nov/Dec 2020. PDF

Plenty more where these came from. I'll upload as I find them, buried as they are in a 25-year-old-and-still-growing digital slush pfile.

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