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Open Books

Short Fiction


An elderly gentleman comes to the end of his decades-long hunt for the creature that cursed him.

Gay/Speculative/Horror. Sexual situations. Not Safe for Prudes.


A group of reluctant heroes find themselves face-to-face with the man responsible for the destruction of their families.

Magical Realism. Adult language. Safe for Prudes.


Phillip and Charles are a happily married couple with a small problem. They've got gargolyes living in their garden.

Gay/Magical Realism. Anti gargoyle themes. SFP.


It's not easy being the daughter of a Prince of Hell, especially when a new schoolmate decides to adopt her as a best friend.

Magical Realism. Demonic influences. Language. SFP.


A horrific little culinary confection – a quickie, really – that proves Love comes even to those who waste away.

Horror. SFP.


A boyhood obsession leads to a fateful encounter with the rustic man of his dreams as an adult.

Horror. Violence. Sexual Situations. NSFP.

Dark Angel.jpg

One dark and foggy night, a man decides to jump from the Golden Gate Bridge, only to interrupted.

Urban Fantasy. Suicide. Hope. SFP.


A seasoned reporter stumbles onto the story of a lifetime, but is he ready for the implications of his discovery?

Science Fiction, Adventure. Mystery. SFP.


An amnesiac ghost tries desperately to solve the mystery of his death, but is he ready for the bitter truth behind that mystery?

Gay/Speculative/Ghost. Novelette. Sexual situations, Violence. NSFP.


A government-issued robot raises a question of morality concerning its human ward's infatuation with his new recycled companion.

Science Fiction. Sexual situations. NSFP.


It's the first morning as a married couple for Todd and Shan, and their best man has something special in mind for them.

Bisexual. Sexual situations. NSFP.


An amateur witch discovers the secret of resurrection, but is she ready for the implications that go with it?

Fantasy. Voodoo. Witchcraft. Violence. Sexual situations. NSFP.

Fantastic Fuckstick.jpg

Toby Strange is uncommonly good at what he does, but is he ready to take on a force of nature?

Superhero. Parody. Sexual situations. NSFP.


Frankenstein, Geppeto, Higgens, they were mere amateurs when it came to creating the perfect simulacrum.

Gay/Magical Realism. Flouting of the Laws of Physics. Sexual situations. NSFP.


Captain Jonathan Thomas Maxiumus Casanova has been invaded by an alien life form. So has his ship.

Space Opera. Sexual situations. NSFP.


Is it possible to lose one's shadow? And if so, what does that mean for the rest of his life?

Speculative Fiction. Loss of Identity. SFP.


A Phoenix couple find themselves falling under the sway of a mysterious stranger who promises to fill their every desire.

Magical Realism. Sexual situations. Questions of morality. NSFP.

beast within.jpg

Some family legacies, no matter how beastly or dangerous, are worth preserving. Or are they?

Magical realism, Horror. Brutality. Sexual situations. NSFP.


A super sexy, super villain has set a trap for the superhero of Megalopolis, but she may not have considered all the costs.

Superhero, Parody. Sexual situations. NSFP.


In a time devoid of miracles and low on faith, a strange child is born unto the desert, where he struggles to find his place.

Fable. Religious allegory. SFP.


A gold digging young Christmas elf gets her comeuppance in this dirty little ditty from the puerile pages of Playtime Magazine.

Magical Realism. Sexual situations. Definitely NSFP.


A reinterpretation of the myth about Leda and the Swan, from the pages of Playtime Magazine.

Mythological Fantasy. Sexual situations. NSFP.


It's a summer of love, and the least likely person in your group has just made a pass at you. Buckle up, it's gonna be one hell of a ride.

Gay/Lit. Awkward sexual situations. NSFP.

Starbase Omega has a sexy new commander, and she's not taking any shit from anybody. Written in the style of a classic romance novel.

Science Fiction/Romance. Adult humor. SFP.


Things go from bad to worse when little Scylla is granted three wishes by a beautiful faerie in her garden.

Fantasy. SFP.

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