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What they're saying about Lady Belladonna's Tales From The Inferno

"Cheeky, low brow humor, a high camp factor and exceptional special effects create a rich, textured story line and exponentially raise the Wow appeal."

Denise Nelson, Fusion Magazine , 10/3/2018

"The team of David Salcido and Tawnya Bass are definitely an undiscovered gem in the indie horror genre and will certainly bear watching as future projects come down the pike... a comic tour de force!"

The Horror Congress , 10/15/2018

"Do yourself a favor, and take a step down into the abyss. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of old school anthology series or not - because one thing is indisputable. "Tales From The Inferno" is just plain hot!"

IndyRed , 12/2018

"[Horror] movies and cheesy camp are the order of the day; and this title knows its stuff... a fun film that is branded as campy, but plays through like a warm axe through cartilage."

ReelRomp , 12/10/2018

"...devilishly funny... brilliantly entertaining... a marvelous piece of escapism."

UK Film Review , 12/16/2018

What they're saying about Lady Belladonna's Night Shades

"Like Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Tales From The Crypt, David Salcido's film is a tantalising taster menu of sordid immorality, graphic violence, and stories of tragedy. Viewers are treated to each of these films, which stand up well on their own, but when brought together like a sinners smorgasbord, they become something quite special. There are some phenomenal performances, not least from Bass herself, whose vibrant pantomime and double entendres make for fantastic respite during the shorts."

Chris Olson, UK Film Review , 1/31/2017

What they're saying about The Big Book Of Orgasms

"If I were asked to choose the one story that personally turned me on the most, I think I'd pick “The Morning After” by David Salcido. This luscious, pan-sexual, post-wedding menage is cleverly designed to keep the reader guessing as long as possible about the gender of the narrator. But then, that issue really doesn't matter in Mr. Salcido's story-world, where everyone gets a generous piece of everyone else."

Lisabet Sarai, Good Reads , 3/04/2014

"What impressed me most in this anthology were all the different variations of pleasure. If you’re looking to be inspired, this book is a great start. The Morning After by David Salcido, a very hot threesome story, was one that I’ll go back to again and again. Wish we had a “best man” like that at our wedding."

Miko Technogeisha, Life On The Swingset , 1/05/2014

"Look out for The Morning After which features a Honeymoon with a big difference by David Salcido – and gasp aloud at the twist at the end. Truly erotic!"

Mel MacFarlane, Voluptasse, 3/27/2014

LCCT's One-Act Play Festival showcases local directors, writers

"David Salcido's The Real Thane spoofs William Shakespeare's Macbeth asking, what really happened on that foggy night in the tangled moors of Scotland? Was it a prophecy uttered by three weird sisters, meant to launch the country into a spiral of corruption, paranoia and war? Or was it a simple misunderstanding by a henpecked nitwit with delusions of grandeur, further proving that sometimes prophecy is a simple matter of perspective? The Real Thane is directed by Erica Krauel."

Zak Hansen, The Las Cruces Bulletin , 3/27/2015

What they said about Diva Down

"Drag queens are known for their dramatic behavior. Duh. In a business where the prettiest, most charismatic man-lady brings home the most dollar bills at the end of the night, things can get pretty competitive. Theatergoers get a look at what happens when drag queens go from “Girl, those shoes are killer,” to “Girl, there’s a killer on the loose,” in the play Diva Down. The original murder mystery written by former troupe director David Salcido premieres at The Rock. Salcido explores the secret lives of drag queens, beyond the hairspray, makeup, and wigs, in this titillating stage show. The plot revolves around the life and death of one Helena Titsling (oh yes, “Titsling”) and the investigation into finding her vengeful killer."

Christina Caldwell, The Phoenix New Times , 8/25/2011

What they said about the world premiere of Rain Damage

"Salcido who in the past has given us engagingly intense performances on stage – from his fiery turn as a street hustler in Trafficking In Broken Hearts for Planet Earth Theatre, to his founding work with Nearly Naked Theatre and Artists Theatre Project – now definitively proves his chops as a thespian with Rain Damage, creating a moving portrait of regret and abandonment against the backdrop of a storm that will haunt you long after you have left the theatre."

Neil Cohen, Echo Magazine, 4/20/2006

"Setting aside the fact that David Salcido’s Rain Damage takes place during ‘a dark and stormy night,’ there's nothing clichéd about the Valley writer's script. The weather is the perfect backdrop for this world première, in which ghosts from his stormy past bedevil a young man who has given up on himself. The path to redemption has never been so raw, nor a haunting quite so personal, which is a good thing for anybody wanting to avoid the same old clichés being trotted out on Valley stages."

Kerry Lengel, The Arizona Republic, 4/15/2006

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