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Hero Trap

(With respectful apologies to Larry Niven)

It's over, Chlamydia!" The avenger said, the powerful muscles of his immense chest flexing as he raised his fist victoriously. "Did you honestly think you would get away with such a nefarious plan?"

The woman's tinkling laughter came as no surprise. Villains always laughed in their hour of doom. Her answer, however, puzzled him. "What makes you think I haven't?"

The levitating man of iron will narrowed his eyes, his heroic chin jutting out in set determination. "You've failed, bitch. I've dismantled all of your evil STD bombs and rounded up all of your hench-hookers. The city of Megalopolis is safe once more."

Again the laughter, this time low and sinister. "You fool," she said. "You've fallen right into my trap."

"Trap?" The muscles of his thick neck rolled and tumbled under the skin as he darted glances around the room, infrared eyes taking in every detail before coming back to rest on the heaving breasts of the villainous vixen standing imperiously before him. He pulled his eyes away with a heroic force of will and attempted a dismissive smile. "The only one who has been trapped here, is you. You'll never escape my grasp."

"Mmmmmm," Chlamydia purred. "And what makes you think I'd want to?" Running the middle finger of her right hand languorously from the hollow of her throat down between her gravity defying breasts, she again drew his gaze and continued to hold it as her fingers found the zipper of her spandex jumpsuit and began pulling it down. She completed the operation and stepped clear of her costume in one fluid motion to stand naked before him. The look on his handsome face was a mixture of horror and, yes, she could see it in his eyes, lust.

For the first time since his emergence from her acid moat, the superheroic man of sinew became aware of his own nakedness. Like a lumbering ballet performed by a burly marine, he twisted in mid-air to bring one treetrunk thigh up in the hopes of concealing his exposed, and heroically expanding, private parts.

"You didn't think it at all odd that I would go to all the trouble of building this complex inside a historic landmark, fully knowing that you would go out of your way to make sure that not a single brick was harmed?" Chlamydia asked, her voice taking on a husky insinuation, "Then, despite knowing that your otherworldly flesh was completely impervious to any element known to man, fill the chambers under the complex with a highly corrosive acid so that you would have to swim through them to get to me?"

His eyes narrowed once more. "Uh... no."

She laughed. "Just because your flesh is impervious, doesn't mean your costume is."

The man of might reddened, his heavily muscled arms reacting instinctively as one enormous hand came to rest on the opposite shoulder while the other dropped down between his powerful legs. "You fiend!"

"Oh, c'mon superstud. You want it. You know you do. Have you ever seen a pair of tits like these?"

"Don't call me that!" He answered indignantly, trying desperately to keep his gaze leveled on her face. "My name is..."

"I know what your name is. It's not your name that I'm interested in. It's that slab of super meat you're trying so vainly to keep hidden from me." Chlamydia smiled, kneading her swollen breasts with her left hand while the other hand slipped and probed wetly between her sensuously defined legs. "I've often wondered, are you as good in other departments as you are at saving this pathetic city from evil? You've certainly got the muscle for it, judging from what I've seen in its relaxed state."

The hero's blush deepened. He was quickly losing the battle to keep his super-manhood unfurled and already he could feel his strength ebbing as the much-needed blood rushed away from his body to fill the titanic prow between his legs. No, he thought, I must not give in! I am better than this! I am the protector of truth, justice and the corporate way! I am... sinking fast...


Nervously he began scouting for a spot to land his heroic bulk as the now fully erect supercock acted like an anchor, dragging him down from the safety of the sky.

Smiling in anticipation, Chlamydia lay back on the huge triple wide king-size bed to await his arrival on the only safe landing spot in the entire chamber. With a mighty thump the man of sinew came to rest on the platform at the foot of her bed, his enormous cock jutting out like a mighty redwood threatening to topple him with its prodigious weight.

Chlamydia's eyes widened. "Oh, baby!" she said. "Come to momma!"

"I will not do this!" the hero said, straining against the weight pulling him forward.

"Oh, c'mon Supes," Chlamydia purred, using the fingers of both hands to spread the lips of her drooling love hole. "All this foreplay has made me so horny I can hardly stand it. Just do what you have to do..."

Gritting his teeth, the veins throbbing on his broad forehead, the sinews of his neck standing out like cables on a suspension bridge, the mighty avenger tried vainly to rein back on the raging stallion between his legs. Pulling with both hands, all he managed to do was roll back the foreskin of his steed to expose its magnificent purple head.

Chlamydia took the opportunity to spring into action. Rolling forward, she grasped the bucking mammoth in both hands and engulfed the head in her hot mouth. Stars exploded behind the hero's eyes and he felt the last vestige of strength leaving him. His knees buckled and he toppled sideways to land on the bed, Chlamydia swinging up into the air and back down between his titanic thighs, never losing the rhythm of her bobbing head.

"No," the man of mush whined, "You can't!"

Chlamydia raised her head, precum glistening on her lips like sugar glaze. "Oh, I can," she said. "And I WILL!" Raising herself up, the villainous bitch straddled the hero's narrow waist, grasping his steely rod in her hands and aiming it toward her eagerly awaiting nest of vice and virtue. Then, as the hero wailed pathetically, she lowered herself onto it, plunging it's ramrod stiffness deep into the velvety confines of her fortress, stretching the walls beyond their means until she felt she would explode from the pressure.

"I've waited a long time for this!" Chlamydia crowed, reveling in the combined sensation of pleasure and pain and riding the heroic muscle like the experienced slut she was. Pumping harder and harder, she ran her hands shamelessly over the superbly ripped abdomen and mountainous hairy pecs of the mighty hero, laughing at his feeble attempts to stop her and twisting his baseball-sized nipples mercilessly until he groaned with unrestrained pleasure.

"Stop... please..." he moaned. "You... don't... know... what... you're... doing..."

"I know exactly what I'm doing!" Chlamydia proclaimed triumphantly, feeling the waves of sensation building within her. It was going to be a heroic orgasm, she thought, an orgasm befitting the woman who had finally tamed this warrior of justice known throughout the galaxy for his upstanding virtue and moral fibre. "I have won!"

"Nooooooooooo..." the hero cried as the tingling in his grapefruit-sized balls began to overwhelm him. He was going to cum! Chlamydia felt the throbbing of his massive organ as his orgasm began and the sensation was enough to push her over the edge herself. She screamed as the first wave of her own orgasm overtook her, smashing through her pleasure centers like a mighty vaseline-coated fist. Another was on its way, promising to be even more magnificent than the last and she began to laugh, throwing her head back in triumphant abandon.

She never knew what hit her after that, as the muscular organ deep within her spat out the first of its mighty loads, ripping through her body like a heat-seeking missile. By the time the man of might had gotten control of the bucking steel girder between his legs, and the last of the spasms had passed, Chlamydia had been reduced to little more than gooey paste on the ceiling of the chamber directly over the bed.

Closing his eyes to avoid the horror, the ravished hero curled up into a ball on the bed. Such was the curse of an otherworldly creature with strength far beyond that of mortal men. 'Man of titanium, woman of toilet paper,' he thought, then gave into the languid feeling which was overtaking him and snuggled down into the plush bed to sleep it off. 

                                                                                                     *  *  *


This story originally appeared in the monthly adult entertainment magazine Playtime (April 1996), under the pseudonym Dante Solomon. Republished in my anthology Dimensions of Desire, Renaissance Books, 2010.

© David Salcido, 2013. Registered with the Library of Congress and the Writers Guild of America. All rights reserved.

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