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Fantastic Fuck

Toby had no idea what he'd be in for when he accepted the invitation from the tall, distinguished gentleman with the square jaw, graying temples and rubbery skin.  He certainly didn't expect to find himself in a penthouse suite overlooking New York City.  The view was breathtaking, but nothing compared to the dainty blonde woman the distinguished man introduced as his wife, Susan.


"Oh, he's very nice, Reed dear," she said, dimpling.  Toby wasn't sure if it was the cognac he'd been drinking or an effect of the lighting, but it almost seemed that Susan was rippling along the edges, threatening to become less substantial.  "Johnny will be so pleased!"


"Johnny?"  Toby asked.


"My brother," Susan said.  "It's his birthday and he's just recently... come out, so to speak."


"Right," the tall man interjected, striking a match and puffing heavily on an old-fashioned wooden pipe.  "He's 29 today and we've decided that he's denied himself for far too long.  We'd like to purchase your services for the entire evening.  Money is no object."


Toby smiled.  This Johnny guy must be a real hound dog for his sister and brother-in-law to have to "purchase" a night of pleasure for him.  Nothing new to Toby, for whom sex was the only motivation.  That and money--especially when it was "no object." 


"You're speaking my language, Mr..."


"Richards," the man said around his pipe.  "I'll show you to Johnny's bachelor pad..."




Toby had been bathed, fed, pampered and was on his fifth cognac when footsteps sounded in the hallway outside the "pad."  Show time!  Slipping out of the silk robe he'd been loaned for the evening, Toby took up his position on the darkened window sill.  He still didn't understand the kink behind wearing a red and blue spandex body suit with spiderwebs printed across its length and breadth, but the customer was always right.


The door swung open to admit a blonde man of medium height and muscular build.  Toby inhaled sharply.  This guy was no hound dog!  He was fucking hot!  Blue eyes quickly centered on the stranger in the room and Johnny went into a defensive crouch. 


"What the hell are you doing here?"  he asked menacingly.


"I'm here to see you," Toby said, as instructed.  He stepped out of the shadows and saw the reaction he'd been told to expect.


"You're not wearing your mask!"



"Isn't it time for us to dispense with masks, Johnny?  I've been watching you for years.  Trying to find a way to talk to you.  To get close to you.  To let you know how I really feel about you."  Without waiting for an answer, Toby triggered the clasp at the back of his neck and peeled the costume from his body with one fluid motion until he was standing naked before the confused hunk.


"Oh... my... god..."


"Yes, Johnny.  And why should gods like us settle for mortal love, when we can have each other."  Corny, but the script seemed to be working.  Toby saw the uncertainty and confusion melt away from the sky blue eyes of his trick, to be replaced by a long-simmering lust.  In one quick motion Johnny was across the room, his strong arms wrapped around Toby, his hot tongue drawing the moisture from Toby's mouth.


Toby wasted no time undressing the blond beauty and soon they were entangled in each other's arms, erections grinding. "I've wanted this since the first time I saw you!" Johnny gasped, pulling away to run his hands down Toby's chest and stomach, to the inviting crimson-tipped cock below.  "Everything about you is heroic!" he sighed, wrapping his hands around Toby's erection. Toby smiled.  He'd been told that before.


Sliding down to admire the two fisted wonder in his grasp, Johnny flicked his tongue at it and Toby shuddered.  So hot, like a living flame!  It had to be the cognac.  He almost screamed when the molten mouth engulfed him, sending tendrils of electric fire throughout his body.  Like a man possessed, Johnny devoured Toby's cock, consuming it with his hot mouth.


"Whoa, there, cowboy!" Toby whispered, pulling the blonde head from his crotch.  There's plenty more where that came from.  Let's make this last.


The blond nodded hungrily, his eyes filled with exquisite pleading.  Docilely, he allowed Toby to roll him onto his back and return the favor.  He'd never held anything so warm in his mouth before.  Oh, he'd given plenty of blow jobs, but nothing like this.  It was almost as if the man's temperature was rising the more excited he got.  Moans of pleasure escaped his lips and Toby was sure he began to see steam rising from the spit-slicked cock.  Almost too late, he remembered the stern warning the man's brother-in-law had given him.  Repeat the strange words.  Don't question their meaning.  Do it now!


"Control that flame, Johnny boy.  You don't want to turn me into a crispy crawler."


The blonde inhaled sharply, then looked down at Toby, an odd understanding warring with the passion which was threatening to consume him.  Toby had to admit, this was the weirdest encounter he'd ever had, but he'd come to expect nothing less since dedicating his young life to sexual pleasure for a nominal price. 


The cock in his hand began to cool noticeably and Toby went back to administering to it, drooling just enough to get his fingers good and wet before running them up the moaning man's ass crack.  Johnny spread his legs wider, allowing Toby to rub at the virgin pucker, slowly easing his index finger into the tight hole.


"Yes!"  Johnny said between clenched teeth.  "Yes!  I want you in there!  I want you to fuck me!"


Never easing his concentrated attack on the blond's thick meat, Toby eased another finger, then another, into the relaxing hole.  Soon Johnny was ready.  Producing a specially insulated condom, given him by Richards, Toby rolled it onto his cock with one practiced hand, while continuing the massage of Johnny's prostate with his trio of digits.


The blond gasped when Toby removed his fingers, pulling him down and guiding him toward his objective.  Hooking Johnny's knees with the inside of his elbows, Toby slowly slid the head of his cock into the tightening sphincter.  Before the man knew what was happening, Toby dropped down to suck his tongue into his mouth.  Johnny responded just as Toby knew he would, both hands coming up to hold his head in a death's grip, as though drawing life from the other through their locked lips.  With a spasm, Johnny's sphincter loosened and Toby slid home.


So warm. So tight.  Whimpering through their kiss, Johnny began to orgasm, unexpectedly, great gobs of cum shooting out to paste both their chests in a torrent of spasms.  He threw back his head and wailed like a man possessed, sending Toby over the edge like a man aflame.




"It's getting late," Johnny said languidly, running a finger down the hollow of Toby's muscular chest.  "Don't you have a patrol to do?"


Toby opened an eye.  This wasn't part of the script.  "Um... it'll wait."


"Yeah, I guess so," Johnny agreed.  "It's a pretty quiet night..  Want to do it again, then?"


Toby opened the other eye, grinning down at the beautiful blond, whose head lay nestled on his stomach.  "Four times wasn't enough for you?"


Johnny smiled.  "I have a heroic appetite."


"I'll say."


"And maybe afterward you can show me how you do what you do... I mean the web thing and all..."


"Sure thing," Toby said, relishing another go at the blond's gorgeous ass.  He had no idea what he was agreeing to, but that was a problem for later. Right now, he was feeling every bit as heroic as Johnny seemed to think he should.  After all, how hard could this "web thing" be...?

                                                                                                     *  *  *


© David Salcido, 1996. Registered with the Library of Congress and the Writers Guild of America, 2013. All rights reserved.

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