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Essence of Desire

Passable.  To eyes older than time, the room was passable.  A single king sized bed, a chair, a table and a dresser for what few possessions the wanderer brought with him.  Thick, dark drapes covered the window, alluding to a sumptuously ageless nature which the television, on its rickety aluminum stand, belied. Conspicuously absent was the mirror, which had been removed per the customer’s request, before his arrival.  Functional.  The room would serve its purpose.


His interest had less to do with comfort than it did with history.  The Hotel San Carlos was one of the oldest, continuously inhabited structures in Phoenix and carried with it an air of having been part of this desert waystation’s progressive walk through one century and into the next.  Movie stars of the golden era had once called this oasis retreat their home for short periods of time.  Tragedy and scandal had tripped through its narrow hallways.  Death had been a frequent visitor.


Inhaling deeply, the wanderer could sense the lingering spectral aromas of abandoned prosperity, disillusion and decay.  Opening his gold-flecked emerald eyes, he smiled and nodded.  Yes, this would be a fine base of operations for the time being.  Until ennui forced him to move again.  Or he found a better locale.  Turning his thoughts outward, he considered the reasoning which had brought him to this relatively young--and therefore normally uninteresting to his kind--wasteland city.


As he was a being of order, the layout of Phoenix appealed to the wanderer, laid out as it was like a giant grid of main arteries running in mile long increments from north to south and east to west.  Or, as he admitted to himself for perhaps the hundredth time since discovering this curious anomaly, like a giant chess board.  That in and of itself, appealed to him.  Amused him in ways little else did in this charmless era.  That was why he was here. 


Pulling back the heavy drape, he looked down on the small bustling street, with its standard mix of suited business folk and comfortably dressed bohemians scurrying about in the noonday heat, entering and exiting the restaurants and bars surrounding the hotel, in search of companionship and repast.  The acrid taste of desperation made him smile again. 


“The first move is mine,” he murmured to himself,  “Let the game begin...”




“What did you say your name was again?”  The thin redhead was smiling coyly at him as she played with the straw in her drink. Flirting, despite the presence of her nondescript male companion beside her at the bar.


“Devlin,” he replied, with an appreciative grin.  “Mark Devlin.”




He smiled.  “Something like that.”


“And you want to pay us to show you the city?”


He nodded curtly.


“Both of us?” the male companion interjected suspiciously, running a hand through thinning mouse brown hair.


“Both of you.”


The woman turned away to look at her companion, biting her lower lip and raising her eyebrows, her doe brown eyes filled with curiosity and temptation.  In the mirror across from the bar, behind the bartender, the man known as Devlin watched her, studiously ignoring the decaying horror which represented him in the mirror beside her.  “Well,” she said quietly.  “You’ve been complaining that nothing interesting ever happens here.”


The man looked perturbed.  “Playing tour guide isn’t exactly what I had in mind, Penny...”


She smiled at Devlin’s handsome reflection in the mirror and moved closer to her companion, lowering her voice needlessly.  Averting his eyes from the mirror, Devlin still heard every syllable as the manipulative music of a siren song older than history.  “He wants to pay us, Drew.  Three hundred bucks.  And he’s a nice guy.  I’ll bet he’s got some pretty interesting stories to tell, being from Europe and all.  C’mon, what harm can it do?  We weren’t planning on doing anything tonight anyway, except try and drink McCaffrey’s dry and we can do that any old night...”  Then the kicker, “It’ll make me happy and who knows, you might even get lucky tonight...”


The last vestiges of the man’s resolve crumbled and Devlin closed his eyes in admiration of this ageless move.  Games within games.  It was an appreciation he never tired of. Sensing the shift in attention beside him, he opened his eyes and turned to look deeply into the woman’s unremarkable brown eyes.  She blinked and gasped slightly, then licked her lips and said eagerly, “We’re all yours Mr. Devlin.”


Devlin smiled.  Interesting choice of words.  Yes, her companion would get lucky tonight, in ways he could never anticipate.  They would both enjoy a unique sojourn experienced by few in their mortal realm.  And for what was left of their pathetically short lives, they would thank him for it. Very lucky, indeed.




“Are we done yet?” Drew whined petulently, as Devlin traded charming comments with a young woman sitting at a table, outside the Willow House coffee shop.  Watching the foreigner interact with people who were visibly impressed by his thick black hair, large, muscular body and easy animal grace had made the man acutely aware of his own paunchy build and receding, hairline.  “We’ve showed him everything there is to see in downtown Phoenix. We’ve been to the Heard Museum, the Museum of Art, Arizona Center, the Herberger Theater, Symphony Hall, Heritage Square, Bank One Ballpark, the fucking Arena and every damn hole-in-the-wall gallery between Thomas and Madison.  It’s getting late, Pen, let’s wrap this up.”


Penny looked perturbed.  “Be nice.  He’s enjoying himself.”


“You mean, you think he’s enjoying you...” 


The woman crossed thin arms over her small bosom, self-consciously, and frowned.  “Excuse me?”


“You heard me.  You’ve been hanging all over him all night long.  Laughing at all of his witty comments like he’s some kind of celebrity.  He’s not really interested, you know.  I don’t think we’re his type...”


“What are you talking about? Don’t be such an asshole, Drew.  You might not see it, but something’s happening here and you better as fuck not ruin it for me...”  She stopped short, reconsidered her statement and said, less harshly,  “...for us, baby.  C’mon, be a sport.  You promised me...”


“I don’t believe I’ve expressed my full gratitude at your generous hospitality,” Devlin said, stepping forward warmly, his eyes lingering on the upturned faces of the bickering couple.  “I fear I may have overdone it, however.  May I invite the two of you back to my hotel room for a nightcap?  As a thank you.”


Drew cleared his throat.  “No thank you, I think we’d better be...”


“We’d love it,” Penny said, smiling enthusiastically.  Drew shot her an apprehensive look, but she studiously ignored him.  “I don’t think anybody’s ever invited me for a nightcap before.  That’s so... European, or something.”


“Or something,” Devlin said, crooking his elbow for Penny to slide her willing arm through.  Turning to Drew, he crooked the other elbow expectantly.  Drew stepped back, but found himself caught in the lush green eyes of his benefactor for the evening.  Devlin chuckled mischievously and put out his hand.  “I have something I’d like to share with both of you.  Equally.”  His eyes sparked with hidden meaning.


Hesitating, Drew took the proffered hand and shook it.  An electric current seemed to run through him and he felt himself relaxing.  Maybe he had been wrong about this guy after all.  He’d been nothing but a total gentleman all evening.  And there was definitely something intriguing about him.  Almost like he was... flirting... with both of them.  “Alright,” he said.  “I’m sorry I’ve been such a shit.”


Devlin smiled broadly and draped his arm across Drew’s shoulders.  “Apology accepted.”  Drew looked across Devlin’s broad chest into the expectant eyes of his fiancee.  He knew what that look meant.  She had been trying for months to get him to agree to a threesome--to "broaden his horizons" before she married him, she said--and he had finally relented.  Now, unexpectedly, it looked like it might actually happen, although he had always imagined it would be with another woman.  Looking up, he felt the draw of Devlin’s vivid eyes and, again wholly unexpectedly, felt the tingle of anticipation in his crotch.


“Excellent,” Devlin said, nodding at the man’s final acquiescence.  “You won’t be sorry, I promise...”



Devlin had been true to his word.  Drew had never felt such sublime pleasure.  Certainly never in all his adult life.  He looked with wonder on the exquisitely beautiful face of his fiancee, so close to his own.  Lying back against his shoulder, her eyes were closed, her full lips parted and a slight flush colored her high cheekbones.  The sexual attentions she had been receiving for the past hour or so had seemed to change her somehow.  Even now, being fucked by another man, he found her, surprisingly gorgeous.


Looking up into Devlin’s masculine face, his eyes closed as he rocked gently against Penny’s body, Drew smiled despite himself.  He could feel the larger man’s cock rubbing against his own through the thin walls separating Penny’s well-fucked pussy from her cock-filled ass.  The sensation was incredible and he found himself wondering what that huge cock would feel like in his mouth. 


As if on cue, Devlin opened his eyes and pierced Drew with his liquid gaze.  Sliding out of Penny, he sat back on his haunches, grinning.  Penny opened her eyes questioningly. Disengaging herself from Drew’s cock, she rolled up onto her knees, her eyes on the magnificent upturned offering before her.  Without waiting for an invitation, she lowered her face to lick the opening of the slick head and with her right hand, rolled back the foreskin to expose it fully.


Drew watched her try to take the entire head into her mouth, amazed once again by the sheer size of it, especially in contrast with his own average specimen. When she found she couldn’t fully engulf it, the woman slid her lips sideways along the entire length of the shaft.  Drew was acutely aware of the fact that, throughout this entire episode, Devlin’s eyes had never left his own.  The man hadn’t so much as touched him, throughout their tryst.  If anything, he’d been completely respectful of Drew’s need to ease into this scenario. 


They had both concentrated their attentions on Penny, much to her delight.  They kissed and fondled her.  They took turns fucking her, which had proved to be much more erotic than Drew had thought possible.  Then, at her insistence, they had both fucked her at the same time.  Now, as he watched his fiancee lick and fondle the other man’s cock and balls, he knew the moment of truth had come.


Sitting up, Drew turned until he himself was on his knees facing the enigmatic stranger.  Then, slowly and without stopping to think about what such an action might portend, he lowered his mouth to first kiss, then lick at the enormous organ.  Penny’s eyes sparkled across from his as she helped him fall into a rhythm of rise and fall, lick and suck and occasionally traded tongueplay with him over the glistening head of Devlin’s cock.


The smell was intoxicating.  Not at all what Drew had expected.  It wasn’t musky at all, but rather sweet.  Almost flowerlike.  And heady, he realized, as his vision began to swim.  Rather than make him hesitate, however, he found that he couldn’t get enough of the cock before him.  Judging from Penny’s voracious attacks on the organ, she, too, was experiencing something similar.


Like falling into a dream state, Drew began to hallucinate slightly.  One minute he and his fiancee were ministering to the same impossibly thick cock, the next they seemed to have their own, thinner, more elegantly defined organ to play with.  Whereas before, he had found it hard to engulf the head of Devlin’s massive organ in his mouth, now it slid almost effortlessly between his eager lips and down his throat. 


Moans of profound pleasure rumbled from Devlin’s broad frame.  Moans that sounded, almost, like chanting, rising and falling in unknown rhythms, a language unlike anything Drew had ever heard before.  At times almost musical, at others brutally guttural, the sound rose up to surround them.  As it grew, Drew and Penny sucked and pumped with abandon on their respective cocks, drawing on them like lusty straws promising forbidden nectars.


As time seemed to slow to an agonizing crawl, they sucked with fierce desire until, finally, in a crescendo of slurping and chanting, Devlin threw back his head and roared.  In response, his twin cocks began pumping Drew and Penny full of scalding hot cum.  Both pair of eyes jolted open in surprise and pain, as the mercurial liquid gushed past their tongues and down into their gullets, turning their guts inside out.  Filled as their mouths were, neither could scream, but neither could they withdraw, as pint after pint of life-altering fluids invaded every permeable inch of their bodies.



The bellboy blinked as the door swung open to reveal a gorgeous, full-bodied and fully naked redhead.  Despite himself, he found his eyes running the full length of her curvaceous body, lingering on her gravity defying tits, before averting themselves.  “I... um... room service,” he mumbled, holding out a tray filled with silver domes, condiments and glasses.  “You ordered...”


“Thank you,” the redhead said, taking the tray and caressing him with soulful brown eyes, shot through with gold.  “Would you like to join us?”


The bellboy blinked again.  “Huh?”


The woman giggled and stepped back to reveal two equally naked men in the room behind her.  “Oh, I’m sorry...” he said. “I... I’m kind of still on duty...”


“Don’t be sorry,” the woman said, placing the tray on a table just inside the door.  “I like your piercings.  And your ink.  What’s your name?”


Self consciously, the bellboy reached up with a heavily tattooed arm to brush the two rings in his left eyebrow and tug on the half-inch eyelet in his ear.  “A... Aaron...”


“Thank you, Aaron, for bringing us our food.”


“Um, sure...” he said.  “I.. is there anything else I can do... um... anything else I can get for you?”


The smaller of the two men stepped forward--all muscle and sinew and heavy bouncing cock, lightly brushed with golden body hair--to hand Aaron a fistful of cash.  He wore the same amused expression in his blue gold-flecked eyes.  With his free hand, he pushed a lock of thick blonde hair out of his face and Aaron felt his cock twitch. 


Together the two people before him were fucking gorgeous, and the guy behind them was no slacker in the looks department, either.  Suddenly Aaron felt small and insignificant.  Snatching the money from the man’s hand, he turned away embarrassed.  “Just leave the tray by the door when you’re done,” he mumbled.  “I’ll pick it up later...”


“Come children,” the tall, black-maned figure said in gently commanding tones from the interior of the room.  “We have much to discuss and many tasks to perform.”


“We’ll be waiting... Aaron,” the redhead sighed.  “We’re planning on going out later in the day.  Maybe if you’re off duty, you can join us.  Show us around a bit.”


Aaron nodded, looking sideways at the naked woman.  “Um... okay.  Maybe...”


The woman’s smile held promises of pleasure undreamed of.  Then the door slid shut, leaving Aaron alone and yearning in the narrow hallway.


© David Salcido, 1998. Published in my anthology Dimensions of Desire, Renaissance Books, 2010. Registered with the Library of Congress and the Writers Guild of America. All rights reserved.

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