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On The Boards

Out Of Time

Luna's got a new boyfriend, but she's pretty sure her older sister Vanessa won't approve. Especially when she finds out what he does for a living...


Out Of Time is a 12 minute one-act play, which had its premiere at the Las Cruces Community Theatre's One-Act Play Festival, which ran March 30, 31 & April 1, 2, 2017.


Livin' The Dream

A chance meeting between two working actors sets the stage for a revealing look at the extents to which some must go in order to keep living the dream.


Clocking in at 10 minutes and starring Karen Buerdsell as Porsche and Donny Prosise as Jeremy, Livin' The Dream premiered at the Las Cruces Community Theatre's One-Act Play Festival, which ran  May 5 - 8, 2016. Watch it below!


The Real Thane

What really happened on that foggy night in the tangled moors of Scotland? Was it a prophecy uttered by three weird sisters, meant to launch the country into a spiral of corruption, paranoia and war? Or was it a simple misunderstanding by a henpecked nitwit with delusions of grandeur? Sometimes prophecy is a simple matter of perspective.


The Real Thane is a 20-minute play that originally premiered in October 1995 at Planet Earth Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. It was last seen as part of the LCCT's One-Act Play Festival, which ran  March 27 - 29, 2015.


Diva Down

All is not well on the cruise ship Fantasia, where headliner Helena Titsling has been found dead. It looks like foul play. Upon inspection of the corpse, it appears that she was strangled, bludgeoned, shot and stabbed, but which of these inflictions did her in? The chief of security is trying to keep a lid on things until the ship reaches its next port of call. Lucky for him that onboard the ship, traveling as a passenger, is the eminent psychic Inspector Hugh Dunnit, who has been called upon to use his unusual mental abilities to unravel the mystery of the diva’s death, one suspect at a time.


Diva Down is a 40 minute one-act play, which had its premiere at The Rock in Phoenix, Arizona, in August of 2011.


Rain Damage

Tim Deakon is a haunted man. Having given up on the world of the living, he regularly entertains the spirits of his past, rehashing his perceived failures while awaiting his own passage into the land of the dead. On this particular rainy night, however, Tim is going to be confronted by more than his own mortality. Visitations by those closest to him, past and present, will unexpectedly reveal the tools for his own redemption. Can he overcome a lifetime filled with stormy regret or will he continue his cycle of sorrow and self-loathing well into the next life?


Rain Damage is a feature-length production in three acts, which originally premiered in April 2006 at Soul Invictus in Phoenix, Arizona. 


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