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What's it all about?

An experiment in creating narrative content for Instagram, which meant each "episode" had to be one minute or less. The result was a four act microseries which ran on consecutive Tuesdays leading up to Halloween 2017. With several thousand hits, it was considered a success and was later edited together for release as a package.


Written by David Salcido in collaboration with Carlos H. Tejeda and Kent Harkey, it featured Thomas Brekke, Eric Brekke, Laura DeMouche and Donny Prosise, with appearances by Shayne Baker, Robert Dean and Colby Crain. It was shot on October 4&5, 2017 and launched on Tuesday, October 10. Directors were David Salcido and Carlos H. Tejeda. Director of Photography was Kent Harkey, Sound Mixer and Editor was Jorge Villarreal Jr, EFX by Carlos H. Tejeda and Camera Op was Troy Scoughton Jr.

Eric Brekke and Donny Prosise on the set of Terror Tuesday.

Troy Scoughton Jr., Kent Harkey and David Salcido check a shot for episode one.

Shayne Baker prepares for his scene as the "thing" under the bed.

Troy Scoughton Jr. and Carlos H. Teject prepare for a shot in episode two.

Robert Dean plays dead for episode four.

Thomas Brekke is the Boy who terrorizes his neighborhood in Terror Tuesday.

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