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What's it all about?

Frank is a respected journalist about to break the biggest story of his career, but the subject of his tell-all article, a mob racketeer-on-the-run named Matt, has different ideas about how he wants his story told. The question is, who really holds the power?


Written by Kent Harkey and David Salcido and starring Eric Brekke as Frank and Julian Maldonado as Matt, Fall Guy was shot entirely against a green screen on June 22, 2017. Three-dimensional backgrounds created by VFX Supervisor Carlos Tejeda were added later, in post-production. Director was David Salcido, Director of Photography was Kent Harkey, Sound Mixer and Editor was Jorge Villarreal Jr and Camera Op was Troy Scoughton Jr.


Production shots from the set of Fall Guy:

DP Kent Harkey, director David Salcido, actor Eric Brekke and camera op Troy Scoughton Jr. prepare for a scene.

Eric Brekke and Julian Maldonado rehearse a scene under the watchful eye of director David Salcido.

Clapper Kirk Scoughton sets the slate.

Julian Maldonado on the set of Fall Guy.

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